Evan Greenberg Net Worth (Updated 2023)

Evan Greenberg net worth is estimated at around $360 Million According to the internet they stated that he is among the richest insurance CEO in the world


Evan Greenberg is an American entrepreneur and also business executive he is currently the chief executive offer of Zurich based insurance company called “Chubb Limited” he is among the well known faces in the industry

He is best known for founding Chubb limited he is also listed among the richest insurance executive in the world he has made a huge fortune in the industry

According to the internet He has serve as director in many financial firms in the united state

Also according to the internet he is among the highest paid people in the industry he has an annual salary of more than $100 Million

Before he became the leader of chubb limited he was once the CEO of AIG insurance and according to his family background it shows that he comes from an entrepreneurship family his younger brother is the former Chief executive officer of “Marsh and McLennan”

Been the leader of Chubb limited there are many people in the industry that ask for his net worth and that’s why we have this content written down

evan greenberg net worth

He has made a lot of fortune in the industry and this is because he is twice the CEO of two insurance firms

Right now we are going to reveal how much fortune he has made by evaluating all of his income and salary that he makes from the entire firm he has worked with in the years of his business career

Net worth$360 Million
Annual Salary$120 Million

Evan Greenberg Biography and Career

Before we head to his wealth we need to tell a little story about his life and how he started his business career

Evan Greenberg was born and raised in New York, United state of America the veteran businessman was born in 1995 right now he is over 67 years old

He became successful because he was in a business family; according to the internet his father goes by the name “Maurice R Greenberg” who is also a successful businessman

According to his educational background it shows that he attended f “New York University” and College of Insurance of the united state

Also source on the internet stated that he never graduated from any college or university that he has attended.

According to the career it shows that he worked for AIG for over decades before he became the CEO of Chubb Limited and according to business blog in the united state he is among the richest business executive

The main reason why this content is written is to tell you how much money he has made from the years of his career

So let’s dive into Evan Greenberg net worth and salary

Evan Greenberg Salary from Chubb Limited Insurance

Chubb Insurance, a global insurance powerhouse, is renowned for its unwavering commitment to protecting individuals and businesses from unforeseen risks. With a history dating back over a century, Chubb has earned a stellar reputation for its innovative insurance solutions, exemplary customer service, and financial stability.

The company offers a diverse range of insurance products, including property and casualty, cyber, life, and specialty lines, tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients worldwide.

Chubb’s extensive global network of underwriters and claims professionals ensures swift and efficient support during times of crisis. In an ever-changing world, Chubb Insurance stands as a trusted guardian, providing peace of mind to millions.

According to the internet they stated that Evan Greenberg is among the richest insurance executive in the world he is among the few CEO that makes over $100 Million a year

According to his business background he joined AIG  in 1975 and he has worked for the firm for over 25 years and he has held a lot of senior management positions

Also in 2011 he served as the director of the famous drink company “Coca-Cola” according to the sources on the internet below are the list of firms he has worked with

  1. AIG insurance
  2. G100
  3. The business roundtable
  4. Council on foreign relation

In 2020 he became the CEO of chubb limited which is a family business; it is among the biggest insurance firm in the United States

According to Wikipedia the firm has over 31,000 employees and it has annual revenue of over $40 Billion which is a lot of money

According to a blog on the internet it was clearly written that he has an annual salary of $120 Million and her served as the CEO of Chubb for 3 years which means he has made over $360 Million

Evan Greenberg Net worth

Evan Greenberg net worth is estimated at around $360 Million According to the internet they stated that he is among the richest CEO in the world he is among the few Chief executive officers that makes over $100 Million a yea

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