Craig Desanto Net Worth (Updated 2023)

What is Craig Desanto net worth? According to us Craig Desanto net worth is estimated at around $2 Million he became the Chief executive officer of New York life insurance during the 2020


Craig Desanto is an American entrepreneur and also a successful business man he is the CEO of New York insurance, he is listed among the famous entrepreneurs in the insurance industry

He is a well known person in the industry and he has worked with a lot of business firms in the united state. The New York life inc which is the nation’s largest life insurance firm

The firm has assets and investment worth over $700 Billion which is a huge amount of money, He is among the few people that gets to be the president of the insurance firms

According to him he stated that he started his working with New York Inc since 1997; became a board member in 2017 and he became the president and CEO in 2020 during the pandemic

According to his career it shows that he is a former member of LL Global and also he is a board member in American council of life insurers

craig desanto net worth

He has an excellent life and he has made a lot of fortune from the years of his career in the industry

Been among the CEO and president of New York life there are millions of people that demands for Craig his net worth on the internet and here we are writing this amazing content

We are going to reveal his wealth by evaluating his salary from New York insurance and also the shares that he has in other firms

So let’s get to his fortune and salary

Net worth$1.5 Million

Craig Desanto Biography and Career

Craig Desanto was born and raised in New York united state of America the professional entrepreneur was born in 1970 right now he is over 50years old

He is a young person in the insurance industry he was able to be the CEO of a firm at an early age

The internet didn’t say a lot about him and this is because he doesn’t go public with his personal affairs, according to his educational background it shows that he graduated from Cornell University

He became the CEO of new York life during the 2020 pandemic and sources on the internet stated that he has a seven figure salary with the firm

The main purpose why we have a whole team to work on this content is to be able to tell his fortune by evaluating his salary from New York Life inc

So les dive into Craig Desanto net worth and salary

Craig Desanto Salary from Insurance firms

New York Life Insurance, established in 1845, is a venerable and trusted name in the insurance industry. With a rich history spanning over a century and a half, the company has consistently provided financial security and peace of mind to millions of policyholders.

Known for its strong financial stability and commitment to policyholders, New York Life offers a wide range of life insurance products, including term, whole, and universal life insurance.

Their steadfast dedication to customer service and financial strength has earned them a reputation as a dependable choice for those seeking protection for their loved ones and financial planning for the future.

Just like mentioned earlier Craig Desanto became a CEO in 2020 which is 3 years back, New York life is among the biggest insurance firms in the united state

According to the companies profile it has over 10,000 employees globally and has assets worth $330 Billion which is more than just a fortune. Also the company is ranked as number 72 on the 2022 fortune 500 companies

For us to declare his wealth we need to known his salary in the firm; according to a blog on the internet they stated that the firm inc paid their CEO $500,000 per year

And He has been the CEO of the firm for 3 years now which means he has made over $1.5 Million

Also in addition to his wealth he serves as a board member in many business origination which they internet didn’t mention about.

Now that we known his salary it’s time for us to make a declaration of his net worth officially

Craig Desanto Net worth

Craig Desanto net worth is estimated at around $2 Million he became the CEO of of the firm inc during the 2020 pandemic and sources on the internet stated that he has a seven figure salary

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